Voice of Peace

On October 24, 2015, the Chinese Americans organized by Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM), Minhua Chorus, Minghua Chinese School and China Tribune and supported by over thirty other groups in the Twin Cities are hosting Voice of Peace, an all-day special event in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Voice of Peace event will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War II and the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression. There will be a series of festivities including historical photographs and documents on display, a public lecture by WWII veteran, as well as music and dance performances with the main theme of War, Peace and Progress.

This large scale community event is being organized to amplify the voice of worldwide anti-war and anti-terrorism causes and to help remind all kind-hearted people of our aspiration and pursuit for peace, encourage them to work together to prevent a repetition of the historical tragedy suffered by the Chinese people and safeguard the outcomes of World War II. We also wish to further promote and strengthen the joint effort made between China and the United States in maintaining world peace. 

In order to enhance the financial transparency of the donations, the event organizing committee has set up a special account dedicated solely for the purpose of this event. Upon the consent of the donors, we will publish a rolling list of contributors in the China Tribune.

From this point forward, the event organizing committee is ready to receive individual and group donations. The deadline for donations is Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 12:00 midnight.

We have two main goals:
1. Raise $35,000 for various programs related to the Voice of Peace event
2. Encourage involvement with the Voice of Peace event – promotion, participation and attendance
Where will the money go?
Proceeds will directly support the Voice of Peace event operations and multiple activities including: rental of the venues, literature production, artist stipends, inviting guest performer(s), video production, food and beverages, traveling expenses, exhibition transportation, theme T shirt printing and other outreach initiatives.
Donation packages
The need for your participation is very important as your sponsorship will have a great impact in helping us make this event a resounding success. We hope you will consider one of the following sponsorship packages:
* Diamond $5,000+ (Includes 20 VIP tickets and a plaque for company/individual name recognition)
* Gold – $3,000 (includes 20 VIP tickets)
* Silver- $1,000 (includes 10 VIP tickets)
* Bronze – $500 (includes 6 VIP tickets)
* Purple – $200 (includes 2 VIP tickets)
* Green – $100 (includes 2 general admission tickets)
How to donate
If you would like to donate, please make your check payable to “Minhua Chorus”, write “Voice of Peace event” on the memo line and mail it to the following address:
Minhua Chorus
PO Box 270473
Vadnais Heights, MN 55127
We hope we can count on your generous support. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nancy Tang at (612) 213-9688, nancytang313@gmail.com or Bingwen Yan (612) 308-1980, yanxx030@umn.edu.
The event organizing committee wishes to thank all groups and individuals in advance for supporting our event!

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您好!今年是伟大的中国抗日战争和世界反法西斯战争胜利70周 年,明州中美联谊会、明华合唱 团、明华中文学校、华兴报等四个主办单位联合双城地区其他三十多个华人团体,将于今年十月份举 办“和平之声 (Voice of Peace)”大型纪念活动,不忘历史、珍惜现在、教育后代、倡导和平。
这次“和平之声”的主要活动定在 10 月 24 日,星期六。围绕这个时间我们将展开全天性的一系列活 动,包括二战历史图片展、二战老兵演讲、维护二战胜利成果讲座、和以抗战/发展/和平为主题的文 艺演出,《黄河大合唱》。这些纪念活动的目的是唤起每一个善良的海内外华人牢记历史,不忘过去,赞扬抗击侵略的英勇战士,感恩悲壮抗争的国民,缅怀无辜死 难同胞;通过纪念活动,加强万众 一心,共赴国难的民族团结意识;通过纪念活动,建立各族裔之间的感情纽带,增强世界人民反对恐 怖主义的声音;通过纪念活动,同世界各国人民一道,致力于维护二战胜利成果和世界和平;通过纪念活动,促进中美两国人民继续为维护人类和平事业共同努力; 通过纪念活动,让我们的后代了解历 史,珍爱和平;通过纪念活动,让中华民族百折不挠的精神穿越时空,辉映未来,世代相传。
现在,四个主办单位联合成立了“和平之声”组织委员会,具体负 责这次活动的筹划、组织、宣传、 募款、实施、收尾等工作,并于 2015 年 5 月 2 日在明华中文学校召开了新闻发布会。为了保证这次 活动取得圆满成功,获得预期的效果,“和平之声”组委会希望得到双城地区广大华人的参与和支持,包括资金方面的支持。您的每一分钱都会为这次活动的成功作 出贡献。您可以选择以下的任何数 目捐款支持这次大型纪念活动:
  • 钻石级:≤$5,000 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出 VIP 票 20 张,并赠送刻有捐赠单位或个人名字的匾一块)
  • 黄金级:≤$3,000 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出 VIP 票 20 张)
  • 白银级:≤$1,000 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出 VIP 票 10 张)
  • 青铜级:≤$500 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出 VIP 票 6 张)
  • 紫色级:≤$200 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出 VIP 票 2 张)
  • 绿色级:≤$100 (赠送《黄河大合唱》演出普通票 2 张)

为 了提高所募资金的财务透明度,“和平之声”组委会特地为这一纪念活动设立了专门帐号,做到资 金来源去向清晰,並将征得捐赠者同意,在《華興報》上分期分批向社会公布捐赠者名单。组委会从 现在开始接受个人和团体捐款,捐款活动截止日期为 2015 年 11 月 11 日晚 12 点。“和平之声”筹款组的联系人是唐楠笙和颜炳文。联系方式如下:

唐楠笙:电话:(612)213‐9688; 电邮:nancytang313@gmail.com 颜炳文:电话:(612)308‐1980; 电邮: yanxx030@umn.edu
捐款支票抬头请写“Minhua Chorus”,在 memo 一栏注明“voice of peace” ,支票邮寄地址:Minhua Chorus, PO Box 270473, Vadnais Heights, MN55127。
2015 年 5 月 23 日

Dragon Boat Festival 2015

July 11 & 12, 2015 10am to 5pm


CAAM will once again have a team of rowers participating in the Dragon Boat Festival! Similar to past years, it is being held at Lake Phalen and Phalen Park in St. Paul.
For more info on the event click here,

For info on just parking and a map of places click here


We hope to see you there supporting our team!!

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