Festival Of Nations

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The annual Festival of Nations has been a place for CAAM to both promote Chinese culture and raise funds since 1977. For four days starting on a Thursday in late April or early May, and with over 200 volunteers, CAAM is involved in all facets of the festival.

CAAM’s Chinese cafe, Chinese cultural exhibit, Chinese dance performances, Chinese calligraphy demonstration, and Chinese bazaar have consistently been among the most popular attractions at the festival.

We send a huge thank you to all those who have helped by volunteering their precious time and effort to help CAAM in the upcoming Festival of Nations. You are contributing not only to the financial well-being of CAAM (we receive a significant portion of our annual budget from the Chinese Cafe) but also to the community spirit, and ethnic teachings of our local Chinese community.

More than 10,000 volunteers, representing 90 ethnic groups are now involved in a myriad of activities within the 4-day Festival of Nations. Currently, more than 30,000 youth from a five state area come to the Festival with their teachers on the specially designated student days.



If you are interested in helping volunteer at either the culture booth or the cafe, contact info@caam.org 

Admission tickets and parking fees will be paid by CAAM for volunteers.

To showcase national costumes and provide extra colors and excitement, the Festival of Nations has a strict clothing requirement for all volunteers. If you do not have your own traditional Chinese clothing, we have a limited supply of Chinese-style attires available for loan or purchase.